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Families in Pasadena, CA can make their home greener, save money, and stay safe in power outages with a home energy storage system. Learn more here!

It’s Wildfire Season. Save Power & Stay Safe With Home Energy Storage

How to Be Grid Independent and Self Reliant With Smart Technology

It’s Wildfire Season. Save Power & Stay Safe With Home Energy Storage

As heat waves thrive and wildfires rage through the West Coast, Californians have been asked to conserve energy to reduce demands on the grid. The California Independent System Operator calls for residents to avoid using major appliances after 3 p.m., keep their air conditioning at 78 degrees or higher, and turn off all necessary lights. In the event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff, millions of homes will be without electricity.

You can do your part to rely less on the grid while simultaneously keeping your home powered. If you’re based in or near Pasadena, CA, a home energy storage system will keep areas of your home powered when you most need it, even amidst a power failure. And if you own solar panels, you’ll be able to store your solar energy to use clean power after dark.

But how does home energy storage work, and can you really power your home without the grid? We answer your energy conservation questions below!

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