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3 Reasons Builders Should Include Energy Storage in New Homes

With new solar energy rules coming to California in 2020, you can get ahead of the curve with energy storage systems

3 Reasons Builders Should Include Energy Storage in New Homes

It can be challenging to keep up with the latest design trends if you’re a builder, architect or otherwise involved in creating new homes. But new regulations are something you can’t forget about or brush aside, and there are big changes coming to California in 2020. As of Jan. 1, solar energy systems will be required in any new homes.

While these new rules can create challenges, they also present opportunities for professionals who are willing to embrace new technologies. In this case, home energy storage systems have tremendous potential for both businesses in the building trade and families who purchase new homes.

How does this work? We’re glad you asked, and today we’ll show you precisely why California builders in the South Pasadena should include home energy storage systems in every new home they build.

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