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How Circadian Lighting Helps You Feel Your Best

Improve Wellness, Productivity, and Sleep Quality with Human-Centric Lighting

How Circadian Lighting Helps You Feel Your Best

Waking up with that groggy too-early-in-the-morning feeling is the worst. You lie in bed and wonder how you can make it through all the tasks and chores on your plate for the day. Would it surprise you to learn that the lights in your home could be playing a factor in how you feel each morning?

Circadian lighting, also called human-centric lighting, can affect your alertness, productivity, sleep quality, and mood. That is why Ketra's tunable lighting solutions are perfect for your home. They can be programmed to match your natural mood and energy throughout the day.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of circadian lighting for your Pasadena, CA home.

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5 Reasons You Need Custom Window Treatments in Your Home

Bring Home the Beauty and Convenience of Lutron Window Treatments

5 Reasons You Need Custom Window Treatments in Your Home

Window treatments play an important role in any home. They help insulate the home, increase privacy, and allow you to control the level of natural light in a space. But shades, blinds, and drapery are more than that too. While they add convenience by giving you one-touch control, did you know they elevate your home environment in other ways? 

It’s true! Motorized window treatments improve your home’s interior design, boost home security and privacy, and enhance indoor climate control. Keep reading to see what Lutron custom window treatments can bring to your home in Pasadena, CA.

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How to Improve Power Quality at Your Home

Prevent power surges with SurgeX and Rosewater Energy

How to Improve Power Quality at Your Home

Regular variations in the power quality to your home have a negative and cumulative effect on all electronic devices in your home. Power quality is mainly affected when neighborhood demand is high (like hot afternoons in summer), or when the grid in the neighborhood is aging and poorly maintained. Using a home power protection system can protect your devices and make them run more reliably, without the need to reboot.

SurgeX and Rosewater Energy are two of the most popular energy management systems used in homes. Read on to learn how they can benefit your Pasadena, CA, home.

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5 Benefits of Smart Home Design

Added Convenience, Comfort, Security, Savings and Control with Savant

5 Benefits of Smart Home Design

The smart home technology industry is booming, with smart home device ownership on the rise. Consumers opt for convenience, comfort, security, savings and control by investing in devices that make their lives easier. It’s true; they add so much ease to your home life. 

Smart home design includes a mixture of devices, systems, or even appliances connected in a shared network and remotely controlled. One of the most common smart home technologies today is a smart TV. Smartphones, speakers, shades, lights, and thermostats are also in-demand choices. You can connect these smart devices to a master dashboard or remote, such as a Savant system.

If you’re wavering about installing smart home technology for your Pasadena, CA home, here are five benefits of a smart home design that may tip the scales in favor of making that purchase.

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