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Improve Your Restaurant with a Surveillance Camera Installation

Work with a Security Specialist for the Best Service and Products

Improve Your Restaurant with a Surveillance Camera Installation

At Personal Technology, we work with a variety of clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries, assisting them in their efforts to provide their patrons with the best service and experience.

A surveillance camera installation ensures your Pasadena, CA restaurant is protected while you’re on-site or away. You can monitor surveillance footage to ensure safety in the kitchen and in locations with an increased likelihood of slips and falls. Entry points and the business office are also good locations to install surveillance cameras.

Keep reading to learn how a surveillance installation from Personal Technology ensures reliability and redundancy, and why you should steer clear of DIY-installations. We’ll also cover new technologies businesses can incorporate into their security design that protects the health of your employees and community.

TAGS: Home Security | Security Installation | Surveillance Cameras

Learn How Tunable Lighting and Wellness Are Connected

Bring Comfort and the Innovative Features of Tunable Lighting to Your California Home

Learn How Tunable Lighting and Wellness Are Connected

Modern LED lighting has changed dramatically over the years, initially being cost-prohibitive and limited in color options. Many disliked the blue hues, due in part to the initial composition of blue LEDs and yellow phosphors. Now, LED lighting comes in a variety of options, thanks to innovative lighting companies such as Lutron.

Tunable LED lighting systems incorporate technology advancements that allow homeowners the ability to change the intensity and color temperature of an LED bulb. You can bathe your San Marino, CA home in a warm white or a cool white and completely change the look and feel of a room.

Keep reading to learn more about the wellness features a tunable lighting system can bring to your daily life.

TAGS: LED Lighting | Lutron | Smart Lighting | Tunable Lighting

Home Energy Storage Systems Change the Way We Can Use Our Home

Learn the Benefits a Battery System Can Add to Your California Lifestyle

Home Energy Storage Systems Change the Way We Can Use Our Home

Whether you have a new or existing home in the San Marino, CA area, home energy costs and reducing your energy footprint are likely something you’ve considered. With a home energy storage system, you can do your part in improving the planet and your home.

Energy conservation has become a hot topic in recent years, and the Golden State is setting the bar nationally. Earlier this year, a California mandate went into effect stating new construction homes are required to have a photovoltaic (PV) system as an electricity source. Exceptions to this mandate include homes with shade abundance or communities whose developers decide to pursue a solar community project.

Keep reading to learn how home energy storage systems can change the way you use your home.

TAGS: Energy Conservation | Energy Storage Systems | Smart Home | Sonnen

Personal Technology Is Here for You, Your Family & Your Smart Home

Times Are Stressful, So Let Us Help You Make It Easier!

Personal Technology Is Here for You, Your Family & Your Smart Home

We’re living in a strange and surreal time in history with COVID-19 social distancing measures, stay-at-home orders, and building closures. Many of us have transitioned to working remotely and conducting e-learning with our kids at home.

Admittedly, some of us are probably streaming Netflix and Hulu more than usual, which means you may have noticed how lacking your TV and surround system are or the annoying lag of your home network as it handles the increased demand. This is where Personal Technology can help you, your family, and your Pasadena smart home.

Keep reading to learn how we are still offering our services to California clients as an essential business.

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