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Tiers of Outdoor Sound Systems for Every Kind of Homeowner

From Portable Speakers to Landscape Audio Systems

 Tiers of Outdoor Sound Systems for Every Kind of Homeowner

A sunny afternoon, cool drink in hand—wouldn’t this be great with some music? 

If you’re a music enthusiast or love setting the scene for times with friends and family, outdoor audio may be the home component you’re missing. While we usually run for cover with our electronics when a rain cloud appears, quality outdoor audio is built to endure all weather conditions.  

So if you’re curious about bringing an outdoor sound system to your home in the La Cañada Flintridge, CA area, you have options. Whether you’re looking for a simple, low-investment solution or a high-end sound system that encompasses your whole property, there’s a solution for you. 

Smart Home Design Is Becoming a New Home Standard

Why Design-Build Professionals Are Teaming Up with Smart Home Integrators

Smart Home Design Is Becoming a New Home Standard

The smart home market is growing exponentially, with over 77 million smart homes expected in the U.S. by 2025, according to Statista Market Forecast. As the market grows, more homeowners are looking for the luxuries home automation provides and are willing to pay more for this enhanced lifestyle.

Millennials represent almost 22% of the population, coming in at more than 72 million people. According to the National Association of Realtors, this generation represents 43% of homebuyers, the highest share of any generation. And this group is looking for smart homes. A survey by Wakefield Research showed that 86% of millennials would pay more for a home if it had smart home technology. 

Contractors, architects, and interior designers are paying attention to this trend and developing long-term relationships with home automation integrators. As designers and installers, these professionals become part of the team, entering the project from the design phase and working through its completion. 

Personal Technology has worked with design-build professionals in La Cañada Flintridge, CA, and the surrounding areas since 2004. We design and install smart home integration, lighting control, and smart tech packages that give contractors, builders, and designers a competitive edge and increased margins. If you’re looking for a dedicated partner who’s an expert at smart home design and builds collaborative relationships, continue reading to learn why we’re one of the most trusted leaders in smart home integrations in the San Gabriel Valley. 

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Let Your Home Take Control of Natural Light

Smart Custom Window Treatments Enhance a Home’s Design

Let Your Home Take Control of Natural Light

The custom window treatments in your home perform many tasks. They let in the filtered light of the sun, block solar heat gain, reduce energy usage, and provide privacy. Until the arrival of smart home automation, they were time-consuming to operate, requiring manual adjusting to control the level of natural light. 

Thanks to today’s technology, that has changed. Now, your shades raise and lower throughout the day based on the direct sunlight and temperature. They protect your home’s interior from damaging UV rays while letting in the beauty of natural light. With one touch on an elegant in-wall keypad or touchscreen, you can raise and lower every shade in your home, one at a time or simultaneously.

While it’s one of the most popular smart home technologies, some homeowners wonder how these shades will blend in with their home’s design and if “motorized” shades mean “motorized” sounds. 

We’re here to dispel any myths and share the design trends in smart window coverings transforming homes in La Cañada Flintridge, CA. Let’s explore the many options.

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LED Light Fixtures Offer Beauty, Fun, and Reduced Energy Usage

Create the Right Lighting for Every Occasion, Mood, and Task

LED Light Fixtures Offer Beauty, Fun, and Reduced Energy Usage

Imagine waking to lights slowly brightening, resembling the color of the rising sun. As the day progresses, the lighting transforms around you, mimicking the color of the changing light outdoors. Brighter blue-toned hues promote focused awareness midday, while warm, amber-colored lights tell your body it's time to rest when the evening arrives.

Because you’re having friends over for dinner, you tap the “Entertainment” icon on a touchscreen. The lighting in your dining area illuminates to the color of golden candlelight. At the same time, the water features light up in the colors of the Mediterranean Sea, and your patio lights sparkle in shades of moonlit-violet. 

With today’s LED light fixtures, almost anything is possible. Gone are the days when your only choices were soft or bright white lights. Today’s dynamic LED lighting offers every color in the visible light spectrum—over 16 million colors of light to choose from, and all from the same source.

Let’s explore the many features of LED lighting and how it’s transforming homes in Altadena, CA.

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