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Prepare Your Smart Home For Wildfire Season

Discover Our Energy Storage Solutions for Southern California Homes

Prepare Your Smart Home For Wildfire Season

We’re officially in the dog days of summer – successive days of high temperatures, increased power consumption to battle the heat, and maxed out power grids. Unfortunately, that also means we're getting closer to wildfire season here in Southern California. It's the new normal for outages to occur, whether they are planned or unexpected.

Incorporating an energy storage system into your California smart home is beneficial for your entire family to mitigate the inconvenience and safety issues associated with power failures.

Read below to learn how incorporating this smart home solution can help you remain safe and comfortable year-round.

TAGS: Energy Conservation | Energy Storage System | Savant | Smart Home Automation

Learn How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe & Secure with Savant

Proven Reliability and Trusted Performance from Our Favorite Smart Home Control Brand

Learn How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe & Secure with Savant

The opportunity to do-it-yourself is readily available once you step foot into any big box retailer, but will that DIY device investment make your life better or be more reliable? DIY solutions also run into the issue of being incompatible with a variety of other smart devices and not as secure. That’s where professional-grade solutions from Savant come in!

At Personal Technology, we strive to safely bring smart home devices to your La Cañada Flintridge, CA home that offer the utmost level of security and peace of mind. Keep reading to learn more about Savant’s trusted smart home solutions.

TAGS: Savant | Savant Home Control | Smart Home Automation

How to Integrate Security Systems into Your Smart Home

Working in tandem with other automation systems, your smart home’s security system can be even more effective

How to Integrate Security Systems into Your Smart Home

When we talk about technology in our homes, there’s a distinction between smart devices and a truly smart home. Smart devices are individual systems making certain daily activities easier, while a smart home is a network of systems that work together to meet your needs.

One of the most important needs in any home is a feeling of security. You and your family should always feel safe at home, no matter the day or time, and you should feel safe knowing nothing’s amiss when you’re away. A smart security system is extremely powerful on its own, but you can expand its capabilities by integrating it with other devices in your Pasadena, CA smart home.

TAGS: Savant | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Security

How Energy Management Systems Make Smart Homes Smarter

Protect your electronics while keeping yourself and your family safe and comfortable

How Energy Management Systems Make Smart Homes Smarter

California residents are well aware of how an unreliable energy grid can wreak havoc on daily life. Blackouts and brownouts during the dead heat of the afternoon turn your home into a sauna, and if the grid is shut down due to a wildfire, you could find yourself out of power for an extended period.

These are just a handful of reasons why you should add an energy management and storage system to your home. Investing in an energy management system also can help keep you comfortable and protected during both short-term and long-term emergencies. For more information on how energy management devices can help smart home residents in San Marino and elsewhere in California, keep reading.

TAGS: Energy Conservation | Smart Home Automation