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Your San Marino, CA house can sing with a new or upgraded whole-house audio system installed by the experts at Personal Technology. Call us today at (323) 250-3430.

Out With the Old Audio System, In With the New

Enjoy Whole-House Audio Throughout Your California Home

Out With the Old Audio System, In With the New

Let us set the scene: You walk into your San Marino, CA, smart home after a long day at work and say, “Alexa, I’m home.” Immediately, your pathway to the kitchen is well-lit as your favorite music begins playing. Your window treatments lower to provide additional privacy. As you wrap up dinner preparations, you and your partner begin taking plates outside to enjoy a lovely dinner on the back patio, and the music follows you with a simple finger tap on a smart device or a voice command. Seem like a dream? It’s not!

Many of our customers are surprised by our willingness to help them in just about any situation. No, we won’t be able to fix a flat tire in a pinch, but we offer smart solutions and audio/video repairs and upgrades on existing systems. Older systems likely don’t have the same intuitive whole-house audio capabilities of newer systems, or you may also be plagued with a system that’s not easy to use and was installed by a different provider. We can help in both of these scenarios to bring improved comfort and luxury to your home, so you can experience dining on the back patio in the scenario we mentioned above.

Keep reading to learn more about the possibilities of a new or upgraded A/V system installed by our team of experts.

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