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Let Your Home Take Control of Natural Light

Smart Custom Window Treatments Enhance a Home’s Design

Let Your Home Take Control of Natural Light

The custom window treatments in your home perform many tasks. They let in the filtered light of the sun, block solar heat gain, reduce energy usage, and provide privacy. Until the arrival of smart home automation, they were time-consuming to operate, requiring manual adjusting to control the level of natural light. 

Thanks to today’s technology, that has changed. Now, your shades raise and lower throughout the day based on the direct sunlight and temperature. They protect your home’s interior from damaging UV rays while letting in the beauty of natural light. With one touch on an elegant in-wall keypad or touchscreen, you can raise and lower every shade in your home, one at a time or simultaneously.

While it’s one of the most popular smart home technologies, some homeowners wonder how these shades will blend in with their home’s design and if “motorized” shades mean “motorized” sounds. 

We’re here to dispel any myths and share the design trends in smart window coverings transforming homes in La Cañada Flintridge, CA. Let’s explore the many options.

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5 Reasons You Need Custom Window Treatments in Your Home

Bring Home the Beauty and Convenience of Lutron Window Treatments

5 Reasons You Need Custom Window Treatments in Your Home

Window treatments play an important role in any home. They help insulate the home, increase privacy, and allow you to control the level of natural light in a space. But shades, blinds, and drapery are more than that too. While they add convenience by giving you one-touch control, did you know they elevate your home environment in other ways? 

It’s true! Motorized window treatments improve your home’s interior design, boost home security and privacy, and enhance indoor climate control. Keep reading to see what Lutron custom window treatments can bring to your home in Pasadena, CA.

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What Makes LED Lighting a Better Option for Homes?

Comparing LED, CFL & Incandescent Lights: Which Is Best?

What Makes LED Lighting a Better Option for Homes?

A lot has changed since LED light bulbs first hit stores in 2002. Back then, LEDs had a reputation for high prices and harsh white light. Yet today, LED light bulbs are much more affordable, incredibly eco-friendly, and can be intelligently controlled right from your smartphone.

If your home still uses mostly compact fluorescent (CFL) or incandescent bulbs, you may be wondering: why switch now? And what is the difference between the three lightbulbs?

In this article, we’ll break down the difference between light bulb types and share the amazing smart benefits of LED light fixtures. You may soon see your Pasadena, CA home in an all-new light!

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Keep Your Home Safe & Energy Bills Low with a Smart Lighting System

Lesser-Known Benefits of Smart Lighting Control

Keep Your Home Safe & Energy Bills Low with a Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting can offer much more than a fun party trick. Yes, you can adjust your lights to transform rooms with any color and brightness level you desire. But a smart lighting system like Lutron or Savant offers real, practical benefits that make everyday life easier and safer. 

In this blog, we’ll share how lighting control can keep your Altadena, CA home safe while simultaneously saving energy. In many cases, you won’t have to lift a single finger—automated scenes take care of safety and energy settings for you! So whether you’re at home or away on vacation, smart technology can manage your lights for you. Learn how below! 

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