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Imagine: with one press of a button, you can turn on LED light fixtures across your entire house, then adjust their color and brightness. Learn more about smart lighting here!

LED Light Fixtures Offer Beauty, Fun, and Reduced Energy Usage

Create the Right Lighting for Every Occasion, Mood, and Task

LED Light Fixtures Offer Beauty, Fun, and Reduced Energy Usage

Imagine waking to lights slowly brightening, resembling the color of the rising sun. As the day progresses, the lighting transforms around you, mimicking the color of the changing light outdoors. Brighter blue-toned hues promote focused awareness midday, while warm, amber-colored lights tell your body it's time to rest when the evening arrives.

Because you’re having friends over for dinner, you tap the “Entertainment” icon on a touchscreen. The lighting in your dining area illuminates to the color of golden candlelight. At the same time, the water features light up in the colors of the Mediterranean Sea, and your patio lights sparkle in shades of moonlit-violet. 

With today’s LED light fixtures, almost anything is possible. Gone are the days when your only choices were soft or bright white lights. Today’s dynamic LED lighting offers every color in the visible light spectrum—over 16 million colors of light to choose from, and all from the same source.

Let’s explore the many features of LED lighting and how it’s transforming homes in Altadena, CA.

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What Makes LED Lighting a Better Option for Homes?

Comparing LED, CFL & Incandescent Lights: Which Is Best?

What Makes LED Lighting a Better Option for Homes?

A lot has changed since LED light bulbs first hit stores in 2002. Back then, LEDs had a reputation for high prices and harsh white light. Yet today, LED light bulbs are much more affordable, incredibly eco-friendly, and can be intelligently controlled right from your smartphone.

If your home still uses mostly compact fluorescent (CFL) or incandescent bulbs, you may be wondering: why switch now? And what is the difference between the three lightbulbs?

In this article, we’ll break down the difference between light bulb types and share the amazing smart benefits of LED light fixtures. You may soon see your Pasadena, CA home in an all-new light!

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