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Why Surge Protection Is Essential for Home Technology Systems

Make Your Devices Last Longer with Home Power Protection

Why Surge Protection Is Essential for Home Technology Systems

If you own a home theater, smart home system, or other home electronics, you’d hope the equipment will last for quite a long time. So we understand how frustrating and perplexing it can be when technology starts to give out after only a few years.

It makes many people wonder: do manufacturers purposefully build hardware to expire so soon? While some modern electronics aren’t well-made, you should be able to trust high-end brands to last.

What most homeowners don’t realize is that it’s not the equipment causing malfunctions—it’s the power supply. If your home’s electricity is creating surges and noise, it could damage your devices and shorten their lifespan.

Heavy digital loads at home lead to “dirty power.” Luckily, with home power protection, you can keep your La Cañada Flintridge, CA home’s technology running smoothly and safely. Here’s what you’ll need.

TAGS: Energy Conservation | Home Automation

Buying a New Home? Consider a Home Technology Inspection

Make Sure Your New Property’s Infrastructure Is Up to Standard

Buying a New Home? Consider a Home Technology Inspection

Home inspections typically focus on the foundation, structure, plumbing, and electrical elements of a building. But if you’re moving into a new property with high-tech appliances, security and surveillance devices, or a smart home system already installed, you need to know that the technology is up to date, safely running, and has a long lifespan ahead.

Modern homes with smart technology require more advanced inspections than traditional residences. At Personal Technology, our home automation company offers technology surveys for both homebuyers and real estate agents in San Marino, CA and Los Angeles county.

But what does a home technology inspection include? Find out below to make sure you make the most of your new residence. 

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How to Beat the Heat with Motorized Shades

Create a Comfortable, Energy-Efficient Environment in One Press of a Button

How to Beat the Heat with Motorized Shades

As the San Gabriel Valley starts to heat up, Californians have to start thinking about how they’ll keep cool this summer. But cranking the AC in every room is very costly and can do a number on our wallets and the power grid. You might not want to leave the air conditioning on while you’re out of the house, but during a heatwave, no one wants to come home to a stifling house.

Luckily, a motorized shades installation offers a convenient and efficient way to keep your home cool. During blackouts when we’re asked to conserve power, smart shades by manufacturers like Lutron offer another way to keep heat out of your Pasadena, CA house. How? We’ll explain how it works below.

TAGS: Energy Conservation | Home Automation | Motorized Shades

Worried About Package Theft? Here’s How Smart Technology Can Help

Consider Your Property Protected with Help from Savant

Worried About Package Theft? Here’s How Smart Technology Can Help

Let’s think about the current moment we live in, where so many of the things we used to go to the store are now being delivered to our homes.

Imagine that while you’re away from home, a delivery man approaches your front door. You’re notified by your security app, and you watch your Amazon package arrive through the front door camera, just as you were expecting. An hour later you are notified that someone else is approaching your home.

But wait—you weren’t expecting another delivery. That’s when you sound the alarm on your app, and the would-be thief of your package goes scurrying back to his car.

With a surveillance camera installation, our customers in La Cañada Flintridge have felt safe knowing that not only is their personal property is protected, but that they and their loved ones are also fully protected while home at night. But what can you expect in your system?

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