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Bring high-fidelity sound to your home without a trace of audio equipment. Explore hidden speakers and whole-home audio systems here. 

Hidden Speakers: Home Audio for People Who Dislike Clutter

Whole-Home Audio without Equipment in Sight

Hidden Speakers: Home Audio for People Who Dislike Clutter

A new home holds so much promise: sleek, long floors and clean, empty walls. But that open space disappears once we move in and fill our homes with belongings. 

Want to maintain that minimal, spacious feeling? Whether you’re sprucing up your house or moving into a new one, hidden speakers are an increasingly popular option for music lovers. Instead of installing bulky equipment to build a whole-home audio system, you can enjoy high-quality sound without speakers in sight. 

If you’re wondering how hidden audio works, you’ve come to the right place. As an AV integrator based in Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles, we’ll share all you need to know about hidden speakers below.