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How Sonnen Energy Storage Systems Give Smart Homes A Spark

Sonnen devices have benefits for both homeowners and builders alike, from greater efficiency to emergency preparedness

How Sonnen Energy Storage Systems Give Smart Homes A Spark

With all the destruction and disruption seen in California in recent years due to wildfires and climate change, it’s no wonder many residents and builders are looking into the benefits of non-traditional energy systems. Combined with the new requirements for builders that are coming later this year, builders and homeowners are looking to solar as an alternative.

How can you ensure you’re offering clients the best solar power solution? We recommend incorporating a home energy storage system.

And when it comes to home energy storage, Sonnen is the clear industry leader. Let’s take a look at Sonnen’s products and how they can benefit residents and builders in the La Cañada Flintridge area of California.

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