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What if artificial light could replicate natural sunlight? With Ketra lighting, it can. Learn more about the intelligent lighting system for your Pasadena, CA home.

The Ketra Difference: Your Guide to Smart Lighting Control

Turn On the Lights & Enjoy the Perfect Mood

The Ketra Difference: Your Guide to Smart Lighting Control

Ketra knows that lighting has a profound influence on our moods. That’s why its intelligent lighting solutions let you easily transform the way your home looks and feels.

How, you may ask? Ketra’s smart LED lighting fixtures work seamlessly with Lutron HomeWorks control systems to let you fine-tune the brightness and color of all your lights. So, when you turn on your lights, they’ll look ‘just right’ for any time of day and any activity.

There are many smart lighting gadgets and solutions on the market today. So why choose Ketra? Read on to discover what makes Ketra lighting exceptional and how you’ll see your Pasadena, CA home in an entirely new light.  

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