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Circadian lighting is programmed to match the natural circadian rhythms of your body to give you more energy throughout the day and more tired in the evening.

How Circadian Lighting Helps You Feel Your Best

Improve Wellness, Productivity, and Sleep Quality with Human-Centric Lighting

How Circadian Lighting Helps You Feel Your Best

Waking up with that groggy too-early-in-the-morning feeling is the worst. You lie in bed and wonder how you can make it through all the tasks and chores on your plate for the day. Would it surprise you to learn that the lights in your home could be playing a factor in how you feel each morning?

Circadian lighting, also called human-centric lighting, can affect your alertness, productivity, sleep quality, and mood. That is why Ketra's tunable lighting solutions are perfect for your home. They can be programmed to match your natural mood and energy throughout the day.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of circadian lighting for your Pasadena, CA home.

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