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Bring depth and atmosphere to your Pasadena, CA home with lighting design services from Personal Technology. Learn more here. 

From ‘Blah’ to Brilliant: How Lighting Design Transforms Interiors

Is Your Home Lacking a Great Lighting Design?

From ‘Blah’ to Brilliant: How Lighting Design Transforms Interiors

Lighting is the foundation of how you experience your home. Rooms that feel airy, bright, and spacious raise your spirits. And at night, cozy and inviting lighting makes you feel at home. 

But all too often, people overlook the importance of lighting, and when designing a new home, they arrange their lights in a grid. No attention is paid to how the lighting really feels in a space—just making sure there’s enough light to see. 

If you’ve ever seen a home that looks unattainably luxurious, odds are those homeowners hired a lighting designer. Many people aren’t familiar with lighting design services, but if you’re undergoing a renovation or new home build in Pasadena, CA, here’s why lighting design should be on your mind. 

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