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LED Light Fixtures Offer Beauty, Fun, and Reduced Energy Usage

Create the Right Lighting for Every Occasion, Mood, and Task

LED Light Fixtures Offer Beauty, Fun, and Reduced Energy Usage

Imagine waking to lights slowly brightening, resembling the color of the rising sun. As the day progresses, the lighting transforms around you, mimicking the color of the changing light outdoors. Brighter blue-toned hues promote focused awareness midday, while warm, amber-colored lights tell your body it's time to rest when the evening arrives.

Because you’re having friends over for dinner, you tap the “Entertainment” icon on a touchscreen. The lighting in your dining area illuminates to the color of golden candlelight. At the same time, the water features light up in the colors of the Mediterranean Sea, and your patio lights sparkle in shades of moonlit-violet. 

With today’s LED light fixtures, almost anything is possible. Gone are the days when your only choices were soft or bright white lights. Today’s dynamic LED lighting offers every color in the visible light spectrum—over 16 million colors of light to choose from, and all from the same source.

Let’s explore the many features of LED lighting and how it’s transforming homes in Altadena, CA.

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5 Benefits of Smart Home Design

Added Convenience, Comfort, Security, Savings and Control with Savant

5 Benefits of Smart Home Design

The smart home technology industry is booming, with smart home device ownership on the rise. Consumers opt for convenience, comfort, security, savings and control by investing in devices that make their lives easier. It’s true; they add so much ease to your home life. 

Smart home design includes a mixture of devices, systems, or even appliances connected in a shared network and remotely controlled. One of the most common smart home technologies today is a smart TV. Smartphones, speakers, shades, lights, and thermostats are also in-demand choices. You can connect these smart devices to a master dashboard or remote, such as a Savant system.

If you’re wavering about installing smart home technology for your Pasadena, CA home, here are five benefits of a smart home design that may tip the scales in favor of making that purchase.

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Elevate Your Restaurant’s Atmosphere with a High-End Sound System

Create an Excellent Guest Experience with the Power of Audio

Elevate Your Restaurant’s Atmosphere with a High-End Sound System

We’re a technology integrator, not a restauranteur. But in our humble opinion, an excellent restaurant experience requires three things: great food, great service, and a great atmosphere. If one of those pillars falters, the other two need to be extra strong to ensure a positive visit. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to be focusing on atmosphere. How is the ambiance in your restaurant? Ambiance can be cultivated in many ways—through decorations, lighting, and music. And as we all know, music has a particular influence on our moods. 

With the right soundtrack or playlist, you set the scene for your restaurant’s personality. Does your vibe best pair with oldies and classic rock? Throwback pop hits? Or classical music? Whatever your style is, a high-end multi-room sound system will envelop your guests in the experience and help them unwind. 

Below, we’ll share what to look for in a restaurant sound system and how it can set your business apart in Pasadena, CA. 

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Locks, Cameras, & Intercoms: Getting Started with Access Control

Manage Who Comes & Goes from Your California Residence

Locks, Cameras, & Intercoms: Getting Started with Access Control

Are you thinking about adding a security system to your Pasadena, CA home? You aren’t alone. 34 percent of U.S. households—or approximately 36 million homes—currently own a home security system, according to Parks Associates. And that number is predicted only to keep growing. 

But if you’re worried about trespassers on your property, you’ll need more than a few security cameras. With a complete access control system, visitors will be stopped at your gate or front door and prompted to enter a code. Motion sensors will notify you that someone’s there so that you can speak to them through the two-way intercom. If they aren’t welcome, you can call the necessary authorities. 

However, a DIY access control setup can only take you so far. With a professional smart security system installation, all your security devices work together to achieve one common goal: safety. Here’s what a professionally installed system can achieve that a single smart device can’t do alone. 

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