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Are you interested in a motorized shades installation for your Pasadena, CA, home? Learn more about Personal Technology, an HTA-certified Lutron installer.

How to Beat the Heat with Motorized Shades

Create a Comfortable, Energy-Efficient Environment in One Press of a Button

How to Beat the Heat with Motorized Shades

As the San Gabriel Valley starts to heat up, Californians have to start thinking about how they’ll keep cool this summer. But cranking the AC in every room is very costly and can do a number on our wallets and the power grid. You might not want to leave the air conditioning on while you’re out of the house, but during a heatwave, no one wants to come home to a stifling house.

Luckily, a motorized shades installation offers a convenient and efficient way to keep your home cool. During blackouts when we’re asked to conserve power, smart shades by manufacturers like Lutron offer another way to keep heat out of your Pasadena, CA house. How? We’ll explain how it works below.

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Interested in a Motorized Shades Installation? Start Here.

Explore the Many Types of Motorized Shades You Can Select for Your Home!

Interested in a Motorized Shades Installation? Start Here.

Are you interested in a motorized shades installation for your home but don’t know where to start? This blog is the perfect place to begin. 

We at Personal Technology are a leading provider of Lutron’s world-renowned motorized window treatments here in the Pasadena area, and we want to make sure you know there are a variety of custom shading options available to you.

When you think of motorized window treatments, the first thing that comes to mind might be roller shades. But while that certainly is a common type of motorized treatment, Lutron also offers a variety of other motorized shading types you can feature in your Pasadena-area house.

Ready to explore the possibilities for your motorized shades installation? Keep reading below!

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