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All the Benefits of Tunable Lighting for Your Smart Home

Enjoy simpler controls, a healthier lifestyle and energy savings

All the Benefits of Tunable Lighting for Your Smart Home

If you’re interested in smart home automation, it’s likely you’ve heard about all the benefits smart home lighting has to offer. You’ve likely also heard of Lutron, one of our preferred smart home brands, and their expertly crafted lighting control systems.

But have you heard about their latest tunable lighting solutions? Today we’ll examine the many benefits a tunable lighting system from Lutron can bring to families in the Pasadena region of California. We’ll also look at the different features of these systems.

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It may be difficult to believe, but the lights in your home can have a dramatic effect on your mood and health. How? Tunable lighting gives you finer control of the intensity and hues coming from your fixtures. You can program tunable lighting to mimic the natural progression of sunlight during the day. In turn, your body will better synch up with your circadian rhythm, or natural internal clock.

The technology behind these systems is fascinating. The engineers at companies like Ketra and Colorbeam created “warm dimming” LEDs systems that allow you to alter the intensity and color temperature of your fixtures as separate elements. This degree of precision control gives you many more options for lighting a space.

At your day begins, the lights can gradually get brighter to help you get out of bed feeling naturally refreshed. Come midday, increasing the intensity and switching to a cooler color promotes increased productivity. And when your day is at an end, tunable lights can gradually dim and switch to warmer hues to help you wind down. Best of all, this can all occur without you needing to touch a single button, thanks to automation.


Tunable lighting adds flair to your interior design while simultaneously simplifying the controls for your light fixtures. As previously mentioned, tunable lighting allows for separate control of a fixture’s color temperature and brightness. These features give you a much broader array of ways to light a space, as you can highlight key features in a room, camouflage certain elements in shadow, and generally create more sophisticated lighting designs.

Centralized controls for tunable lighting systems let you make quick adjustments using your phone, wall panel, tablet or other control device. Once everything is set the way you want it, save the setting as a preset lighting scene and you can recreate that same lighting style with one button press.


Because tunable lighting systems use dimmers, you’ll see significant savings on your energy bills. According to one report, every percentage point of dimming saves about the same percentage of energy needed to light the bulb.

Put more plainly, dimming an LED fixture by 50 percent will lower that bulb’s energy usage by 50 percent. When you multiply those savings by the number of LEDs you have installed in your home,  suddenly you see how dimming can sharply lower your energy usage.

This is just the start of what tunable lighting from Lutron has to offer. To learn more, fill out our  contact sheet, call our office at (323) 250-3430 or reach out to a customer service representative in the chat box at the bottom of your browser.