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4 Ways Lutron Lighting Control Can Benefit Your Home

Add Comfort, Convenience, Elegance and a Security Boost With Lutron

4 Ways Lutron Lighting Control Can Benefit Your Home

If you’ve considered an addition to your home in the La Cañada Flintridge, we at Personal Technology can think of many opportunities. But few of those pay off to the same extent in Southern California homes as a professional Lutron lighting control installation.

A smart home lighting control installation is far from simple, but when done right, you’ll find more perks and ease in controlling your home’s lights than you likely thought would ever be possible.

In this blog, our team at Personal Technology, an HTA-certified integration firm, highlights four of the best benefits of a Lutron lighting control solution for your home. Just keep reading below to find out more!

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One of the most outstanding benefits of Lutron’s suite of lighting control products is how easy it is to set the lighting levels in your home to your preferred preferences. At its core, Lutron lighting control revolutionizes how you manage your home’s lights – going far beyond the on/off switch and giving you more customization than ever in how your home looks.

In addition to on/off capabilities, you can dim any connected light in your home through Lutron technology, providing you with easy access to set the scene in your home for any occasion. With control options available through smart switches and dimmers, custom wall keypads and even mobile applications, you can effortlessly adjust the lighting in your media room for movie night or in your dining room for a meal with the family. Once you’ve found the perfect lighting levels, enjoy your time spent with family and save the lighting levels as a scene on your Lutron mobile application – allowing you to access the same lighting at a later date by just pressing a single button on the Lutron app!


As we mentioned above, a significant appeal of a Lutron lighting control solution is the many ways you can manage your home’s lights. But Lutron lighting goes far beyond just being able to control your home’s lights in the moment.

For example, with Lutron lighting control, you can schedule home lighting automation that can help you wake up in the morning and rest easy at night. Wake up to your bedroom lights slowly turning on and motorized shades rising to reveal natural sunlight instead of rudely awakening to an alarm clock. At night, schedule for all of the lights in your home to turn off so that you don’t have to manually.

Even use geofencing to welcome you home after a long day at work or exploring Southern California with the family. With a Lutron lighting control setup, your system can recognize when your cell phone has returned within the geolocation of your house and automatically turn lights on for you – especially helpful when you are returning home at night.


Not only does Lutron give you a chance to control each light in your home for the desired effect, but Lutron also provides you with the opportunity to customize the wall-mounted controls for your lights, as well.

Lutron switches, dimmers and keypads are engineered in an astounding number of colors, textures and finishes to suit everyone’s unique style. Whether you like contemporary or traditional design, metal or glass, plum or merlot, you’ll find a design and finish to your physical lighting controls that blend into the room or add a burst of color.


Not only is Lutron lighting control perfect for when you are at your La Cañada Flintridge home, but it also is useful for when you are out of town. Whether you’re at the office or you’re on vacation, you can still manage your home’s lights from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This way, you’re always in control of your home’s lights. But Lutron also takes additional measures to ensure your home’s security while you’re away.

Lutron’s Smart Away lighting setting reinforces your other safety equipment, like cameras or monitoring systems, by helping you create a “mockupancy” to deter criminals. Lutron’s Smart Away feature turns lights off and on at random (as well as raising and lowering motorized shades) to mimic how you use lights throughout your normal daily activities. This way, your home appears occupied to anyone passing by – even if you are thousands of miles away.

Ready to brighten your Southern California home with beautiful, intelligent lighting control from Lutron? Call Personal Technology at 323-250-3430 or contact us here to get started on your next project.

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