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A Comprehensive Introduction to Multi-Room Video

Plus, We’ll Talk About Video Over IP And What You Need to Know To Get Started

A Comprehensive Introduction to Multi-Room Video

Would you enjoy access to your audio and video components no matter where you are in your home?

Maybe you have or are building a large home in the San Marino area that features several TVs, but you dread the thought of overloading your home with remotes, cables and equipment boxes when setting up each television. If so, you might want to keep reading about multi-room video and video over IP and see how it could benefit you.

No matter the size of your residence or complexity of your needs, Personal Technology can help you create streamlined solutions for whole-home video distribution.

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What Are Multi-Room Video and Video over IP?

At a fundamental level, a multi-room video system connects all of the televisions or displays throughout your house to one universal control system. From the same system, you can control the TV in the living room or the TV in the bedroom; you eliminate the need for remotes. A multi-room video system also can integrate with your existing smart home setup, as well.

Video over IP simply means that your video sources – such as your cable boxes, Blu-ray players or Apple TVs, for example – are stored in a centralized location, with those signals being distributed to your home’s TVs through Cat6 cables.

You can use one cable box to play the same Dodgers game on multiple TVs at the same time, for example. Or maybe you’re watching a movie in your media room at night and want to resume it in the bedroom. Simply use your multi-room video system to pause the movie while you’re in the media room; then, turn off your media room display, head to your bedroom, turn on your TV and resume watching. It’s that easy.

Savant A/V and Video over IP

Because of the accessibility of Cat6 cables, it is not difficult to run wires to multiple locations in a house, including outside. Savant’s video over IP solution can process ultra high-definition resolution content, allowing you to enjoy 4K content from sources like Netflix or Hulu.

You’ll enjoy how Savant combines technological brilliance with superior user experience in your displays connected to your multi-room video system.

How Can You Use It?

Savant’s multi-room video solutions offer the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. Have you ever wanted to pause your movie on one screen and pick it up where you let off on another? Have you ever wanted to simply reduce the amount of remotes in your house? If so, you’ll enjoy the flexibility a Savant multi-room video system provides. You can consume a wealth of media from streaming services, cable TV or Blu-Ray discs and control it all from Savant’s remotes, touchscreen panels or even your own smartphone or tablet.

You can access and control each connected TV from virtually anywhere. We can add Savant’s touchpads throughout the house for whole-house control. And the Savant Pro app lets you access your entire home when you’re away, too. This feature proves helpful and energy efficient: Powering multiple televisions can be costly, but you can turn them all off with one quick press of a button.


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