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Creating an Immersive Viewing Experience in Your Family Room

You don’t need a dedicated home theater to bring top-quality visuals and audio into your home

Creating an Immersive Viewing Experience in Your Family Room

If you’re really into watching movies or TV shows with the absolute best audio and visuals possible, it’s easy to see why you might want a room in your home designed expressly for that purpose. And make no mistake, a dedicated home theater space can bring your favorite media to life in spectacular, jaw-dropping fashion. But watching movies or TV in this way is inherently an isolated, limiting experience. Sure, your family or friends may be with you, but because a space like that is solely focused on one type of experience, its functionality only goes so far.

By contrast, a multi-purpose space like your family room or a general media room gives you more ways to enjoy the movies, TV and music that you love. It’s also a more open, friendly environment. Family and friends can mingle more freely, move between the media room and other areas of the home like your kitchen or outdoor space, and you get a more generally social, lively experience. You don’t have to skimp on the visuals and audio, however; we’ll show you how you can bring all the technical wizardry of a home theater installation to other areas of your South Pasadena, CA home.

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While the theatrical feel of a projector and screen setup may be what you want in a dedicated home theater, it’s less practical in a media room setting. Plus, high-end displays have caught up to the quality of video projectors, and they require less maintenance and care.

The cream of the crop when it comes to home video displays is Sony’s line of OLED TVs, particularly their MASTER Series. These TVs, most of which feature 4K resolution while a few are capable of 8K imagery, offer the best display technology around. High screen refresh rates ensure buttery smooth action no matter what you’re watching, high-dynamic range imaging ensures colors explode off the screen, and OLED lighting gives you greater contrast to help those colors pop even more while also making sure darker tones are visible.

Depending on the model you choose, the screen size ranges from 55” to 77”, plenty large enough to give you impressive, immersive visuals. Check out our project gallery to get a sample of how impressive these displays can be.


Quality sound is just as vital to really bring you into whatever you’re watching, and we work with some of the best brands in the business. With an array of Artison speakers in a surround sound configuration, you’ll be enveloped in stunning audio with minimal distortion, even at high volume levels. Better still, these speakers can easily be set up to work as part of a broader whole-home audio system, letting you listen to whatever’s in your media room anywhere in your home. To bring the house down, install a JL Audio powered subwoofer. You’ll feel the bass in your feet and in your chest, whether it’s during an intense movie action scene or blasting your favorite rock ‘n’ roll or hip-hop classics.

We work with all these brands, and we have extensive experience designing first-class media rooms. We’d love to partner with you on your project, so give us a call today at 323-250-3430. You can also visit our contact page or use the chat window below.

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