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Locks, Cameras, & Intercoms: Getting Started with Access Control

Manage Who Comes & Goes from Your California Residence

Locks, Cameras, & Intercoms: Getting Started with Access Control

Are you thinking about adding a security system to your Pasadena, CA home? You aren’t alone. 34 percent of U.S. households—or approximately 36 million homes—currently own a home security system, according to Parks Associates. And that number is predicted only to keep growing. 

But if you’re worried about trespassers on your property, you’ll need more than a few security cameras. With a complete access control system, visitors will be stopped at your gate or front door and prompted to enter a code. Motion sensors will notify you that someone’s there so that you can speak to them through the two-way intercom. If they aren’t welcome, you can call the necessary authorities. 

However, a DIY access control setup can only take you so far. With a professional smart security system installation, all your security devices work together to achieve one common goal: safety. Here’s what a professionally installed system can achieve that a single smart device can’t do alone. 

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What Is Access Control?

First, let’s define what access control really means. Access control is a system that lets you manage who can enter your home or property. This system may include technologies like smart locks, automated gates and garages, two-way intercoms, and simple solutions like the Ring video doorbell, all connected to one easy-to-use platform. 

The Professional Advantage 

Access control installations require many moving parts. There’s the hardware, programming, master controller, interface on phones and tablets, electronic locks, and motion sensors. An experienced technician knows how to expertly install and connect every piece. 

On your own, you’d likely end up with a jumble of devices that don’t communicate with each other. But when the technology is wired into one professional smart system, you can check camera feeds, speak through the intercom, turn on lights, and unlock doors—all from one app

The Step-by-Step Process

How do we install access control systems? First, we’ll visit your home, evaluate where cables should be run, and decide which hardware will work best. The network that wirelessly connects technology to your smartphone is the most essential component, so we’ll need to ensure it’s always running. 

From there, we’ll install the locks, intercoms, motion sensors, and cameras and sync them all to the centralized controller. Once it’s set up, we’ll run tests, then walk you through the system until you’re comfortable.

A Superior Experience with Savant

There are several high-end security system brands to choose from, but at Personal Technology, we recommend Savant Entry Services. With a Savant system, you can communicate with all your entry points and security devices from a single platform. So whether you’re locking the garage or wine cellar, you can do it all with one tap on your Android or iPhone. Savant offers wide-angle cameras with two-way intercoms and is compatible with Ring devices, so you can check your video doorbell from the same app you control lights, audio, thermostats, and more. 


Are you ready to ease your worries with a smart security system? Personal Technology is here to help. Contact our team here or give us a call at (323) 250-3430 to discuss your new security system today.