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Worried About Package Theft? Here’s How Smart Technology Can Help

Consider Your Property Protected with Help from Savant

Worried About Package Theft? Here’s How Smart Technology Can Help

Let’s think about the current moment we live in, where so many of the things we used to go to the store are now being delivered to our homes.

Imagine that while you’re away from home, a delivery man approaches your front door. You’re notified by your security app, and you watch your Amazon package arrive through the front door camera, just as you were expecting. An hour later you are notified that someone else is approaching your home.

But wait—you weren’t expecting another delivery. That’s when you sound the alarm on your app, and the would-be thief of your package goes scurrying back to his car.

With a surveillance camera installation, our customers in La Cañada Flintridge have felt safe knowing that not only is their personal property is protected, but that they and their loved ones are also fully protected while home at night. But what can you expect in your system?

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Advantages of a Smart Home Security App

With a personalized tool like the Savant Smart Home App, you’ll receive instant notifications as to who is coming and going from your home no matter how far away you might be.

As in the above example, you’ll be able to view live feeds of your doorbell cam as well as disarm or arm your at-home security system from your smartphone or tablet.

If you want to make sure your packages are secure once they’re delivered, with the Savant App, you can speak to the delivery person through the doorbell cam, unlock your door and have them place it inside, or simply tell them where to leave the package.

Making Security a Priority

According to a study at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute released in January of 2020, every day in our country there are almost 1.7 million packages stolen or lost.

The most recent reports from the FBI indicated that the majority of burglaries occurred during the day while injuries to residents during a burglary happened almost exclusively at night.

Although the number of break-ins has declined over recent years, you will always want to remain vigilant when it comes to the safety and security of your family. The advances in smart home security have made it increasingly possible for you to do just that.

Learn How Personal Technology Can Install Your Home’s Security Cameras

Our trained technicians test every camera and security system to ensure the clearest audio and picture so you know exactly who might be at your home. Contact us today so we can design a security system that fits your specifications.

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