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Expand Your Entertainment Options with Savant Video Tiling

Watch multiple video feeds on any screen with easy, powerful controls

Expand Your Entertainment Options with Savant Video Tiling

Whether it’s sports, a favorite movie or the latest hit TV show, you usually watch one thing at a time when you’re in front of the TV. But just because that’s what you usually do doesn’t mean that you should always be limited to viewing one thing at a time.

If you’re a big sports fan, maybe you want to watch multiple games at a time to keep an eye on your fantasy sports roster. Maybe you’re a news junkie and want to see how multiple networks are covering the same story. Or perhaps you’re in the middle of watching a movie and your child wants to show you something they just saw on YouTube.

Regardless, there are few good ways to watch multiple videos on the same screen. Until now, that is. Savant, one of the leaders in smart home control systems, has recently unveiled their new IP Video Tiling technology. Using the renowned Savant Pro app, video tiling makes it easy to watch feeds from multiple sources on any screen in your home. Read on to see how this multi-room video system works and how it can benefit Pasadena, CA, residents.

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Savant IP Video Tiling is now built into any of their video over IP systems. Video over IP systems work by sending signals from a single, centralized location to multiple screens throughout your home through your network.

Accordingly, anything connected to your Savant video over IP system – your cable box, Blu-ray player, Roku, Apple TV, gaming console, etc. – can be displayed on any TV connected to that system. And with video tiling, you can display the feed from multiple sources on a single display.

You can connect an unlimited number of video sources to your video over IP system, as long as your home network can support it. If your current Savant system doesn’t have video tiling enabled, we would be happy to set it up for you.


Savant is known for putting a premium on ease-of-use with their products, and their video tiling system is no exception. All the video tiling controls go through the Savant Pro app on your phone.

The Savant Pro app automatically detects the number of sources available on any screen and offers preset tile layouts depending on how many feeds you want to display. You can drag and drop different feeds on to different tiles for quick, efficient controls. You can also create, save and add tile configurations to Savant Scenes, giving you fast, easy access to all your favorite programming options.

If you’re worried about how video tiling might affect image quality or otherwise hamper performance, you need not worry. Savant IP Video Tiling uses minimal image compression, giving you a crisp, clear picture without any network performance problems like image artifacts or a jittery image.

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